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12th European IFSA Symposium

TempAg's contribution to the symposium

The 12th European IFSA Symposium took place at Harper Adams University, UK on Tuesday 12th to Friday 15 July 2016. Theme 1 leads organised a satellite workshop on temperate agriculture sustainability assessments beyond the individual farm level.

Dr Jan Grenz and Henrik Moller convened a workshop in the name of TempAg at the International Farming Systems (IFSA) 2016 conference,subtitled “Social and technological transformation of farming systems: Diverging and converging pathways. The TempAg workshop (2.4) was entitled “Temperate agriculture sustainability assessment beyond the individual farm level”) and all the papers (mostly from TempAg PA1 contributors). Other papers from the TempAg team were presented in an allied workshop (2.2) called “Sustainability Assessments at Farm Level for catalysing practical change.

All papers can be downloaded from the IFSA conference website (see relevant links).


About the symposium

IFSA's 2016 symposium focused on social and technological transformation - not only what is changing in terms of these dimensions and their contexts, but how they relate to each other and how purposeful social and technological transformation of farming systems in different parts of the world are realized and how they could be brought about in the future.

The sub-themes for the symposium were:

  • Innovation, knowledge and learning processes
  • Methodology and frameworks of farming systems transformation
  • Pathways towards sustainable agri-food systems – tensions or synergies?
  • Emergence and application of new technologies
  • Enabling governance, policy and institutions

More information on the workshop can be found in the links section.